The Romance of Akoya Pearls

The Romance Of Akoya Pearls

The Romance of Akoya Pearls

Moon At Night On Ocean Akoya Pearls

Imagine a full moon at midnight or a calm sea under the stars. The moon and stars shimmer, twinkle and glow with a beauty that only poets can truly capture with words. They have existed from before the very start of human civilization and give a solemn tranquillity that can ease the mind and calm the soul. Indeed, under the moonlight above the calm seas near parts of Japan can be found oysters that give us the shimmering beauty of Akoya pearls.

The Romance of Akoya Pearls

Like our moon, pearls from the Akoya oyster also shimmer and glow and they subtlety show to the world, the beauty and femineity of any lady who chooses to wear these pearls. Some might say that Akoya pearls are moon drops from an Ancient Greek Goddess, inspiring us to live our dreams.

Akoya pearls occupy a special place in both the human emotion psyche and the modern market place. They are normally not as expensive as South Sea or Tahitian pearls, yet they are a still treasured as a luxury item, generally outclassing freshwater pearls with their lustre and shine.

The Akoya Pearl Oyster

It all starts with a mollusc. The Akoya oyster is the smallest mollusc of all those that produce pearls throughout the world. Akoya pearls grow as big as 10mm in diameter, making it perfect for necklaces, earrings and rings. They are both high quality and available in many combinations of sizes, shapes, and hues. They are especially famous for their rose hues and vibrant shine and surfaces. Experts believe the oyster’s habitat is the reason Japan produces such a high quality pearl. The ideal temperatures, shore depth, and relatively calm wave patterns allow for little disturbance to the oysters’ life.

Buying Akoya Pearls

Through modern farming, Akoya pearls are now readily available and make an excellent gift for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and special occasions. They won’t steal the show, but they will enhance any outfit giving it an elegant, and classical look.

Depending on quality, Akoya pearls can be set with sterling silver or 9ct or 18ct gold. Of course, the better the quality, the better the recommended setting. Some examples of Akoya pearl jewellery can be found below.

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