Five Things You Might Not Know About Pearls

Five Things You Might Not Know About Pearls

In this blog post, we thought we would share five things about pearls that you may or may not know. Some are probably true, we suspect at least one is more fiction than truth.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Pearls

1. Pearls are known as the world's softest gem. They have a hardness factor of between 2.5-4.5. This compares to diamonds which have a hardness factor of ten.

2. Cleopatra famously challenged Mark Anthony with the claim that she could consume the entire wealth of a nation in just one meal. There is a longer story but the short version is that she crushed one of the huge pearls on her earrings and dissolved it in her wine glass. After drinking the wine, she challenged Mark Anthony to do the same. He refused, but through Cleopatra's actions he saw what he thought was greatness within her.

3. Urban legend has it that Cartier purchased their New York Cartier Building in 1917 for $100 and two strands of pearls. 

4. Until 2014, the world's largest pearl was recognized as the Pearl Of Lao Tzu. It measures 24 centimeters in diameter and weighs 6.4 kilograms. 

However the Pearl of Puerto was finally presented to the world in 2014 with claims that it was now the largest pearl in the world. Discovered in 2004, It had spent those first ten years under the bed of a fisherman who discovered it - presumably as a good luck charm. It measures 67 cm long, 30 cm wide and weighs 34 kilograms.

5. East Asian art is famous for showing dragons with a flaming pearl in their talons or under their chin. The flaming pearl is said to grant wishes. In Eastern mythology the pearl is known for eternal life, wisdom, spiritual energy, wealth, power, thunder or the moon.

Anyway, which one of these seem real to you, and which ones seem made up. Let us know in the comments below. 

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