The Two Second Pearl Test How To Tell If Pearls Are Real

How To Tell If Pearls Are Real

Learn About How The Two Second Pearl Test Works

The Two Second Pearl Test How To Tell If Pearls Are Real

The first question many people ask when they see a set of pearls is how to tell if the pearls are real – especially if the price seems too good to be true. This is just a common sense reaction among people who subscribe to the idea that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or that you can’t get something for nothing.

To put your mind at rest, there is a simple but effective way to test if the set of pearls you are about to buy are real or not.

We suggest selecting two pearls on opposite sides of a pearl necklace or bracelet and rub them together softly. As you are rubbing the pearls together, try to sense a gritty or rough feeling, a bit like sand. If they are real, they should feel gritty as they are being rubbed together. This grittiness represents their natural quality.

If the grittiness is there, then you can carefully examine the pearls carefully to get a more detailed appraisal. Each pearl should be a little bit different. On the pearls surfaces there should be some natural markings, and some pearls may not be perfectly spherical. (If they are not, they are probably man made or possibly polished pearls.)

Comparing Real Pearls To Man-Made Pearls (Faux Pearls).

As a comparison, plastic or man-made beads will feel smooth against each other, will look perfect in their designs both in shape and markings, and they will all have identical colourings. Also careful examination of the area surrounding the holes where the pearls have been threaded will be a different colour for man made pearls.

Notes and Cautions About Testing Pearls

It should be noted that some pearls are now polished, which means that it is more difficult to detect grittiness. Also, some of the imperfections could be polished out. So the pearl test is just a guide. Remember, if the pearls feel smooth, they could be polished.

If you are still not sure or want professional advice, it’s best to bring your jewellery to someone in the know or ask for a valuation certificate from a reputable valuer. Jewellers can show you how to take care of your pearls, and examine them to see if they need re-threading.

There are other techniques that jewellers use to discover if a pearl is real or not, including light tests, feel tests and using an x-ray machine for the very expensive pearls.

Don't Forget

When examining pearls, make sure to be gentle with the pearls. They can be quite expensive, and jewellers do like to see their product treated with respect. Make sure to ask before testing the pearls and we suggest not biting or scratching the pearls as the coating can still be damaged.

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