Pearl Pendants A Brief Guide

Pearl Pendants - A Brief Guide

Pearl Pendants - A Brief Guide

Seawater Pearl Pendants - Tahitian - South Sea - Gold Colour

In this post, we want to take some of the mystery out of understanding pearl pendants.  Indeed, along with pearl bracelets, we think pearl pendants are probably the easiest gift to choose. So here is our quick and brief guide.

There are many settings and designs for pearl pendants.

A simple breakdown of the most popular settings along with the best pearls for the setting is:





Pearl Pendant With
Seawater Not Recommended Not Recommended
Pearl Pendant With
Cubic Zirconia
Not Recommended Freshwater
Standard Pearl Pendant
(Metal Only)
Seawater Freshwater

The rule here is match “like with like”. For a simple gift, we would recommend a freshwater pearl pendant on sterling silver. Unless the freshwater pearl is of high quality, a gold or diamond setting would be a waste of money. Similarly, a high quality seawater pearl on plated metal would be an equal waste.


The first variation is the pearl pendant enhancer.

This is a versatile setting that can be opened and allows a pearl to be placed on different chains and pearl necklaces easily.

A diamond encrusted enhancer looks gorgeous and is an ideal gift. Of course, we recommend that buyers check that the enhancer is secure before going outside with the pendant.

Pearl With Diamond Enhancer

The cage pendant is ideal for undrilled pearls or for a different appearance, whilst the multi pearl pendant is also a popular choice.

Pearl Inside Sterling Silver Cage

Unless they are particularly expensive, a pearl pendant is very versatile and can be worn every day or on special occasions. The beautiful pearl pendant bought for someone aged 20, will always look gorgeous. Quite simply, a well-chosen pearl pendant is a gift that can span the decades.

Just click this link to browse our collection of pearl pendants.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you have a favourite pearl pendant style? Let us know in the comments below. 

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