Pearl Stud Earrings Essentials

Learn The Pearl Stud Earrings Essentials

Pearl Stud Earrings Essentials

Pearl stud earrings are the essential earrings that every woman should consider owning. Even the standard freshwater pearl stud earrings add a touch of glamour with their simple but elegant look.

Of course freshwater pearl stud earrings come in a huge variation of quality, workmanship and price. So, here are a few tips on what to look for when buying and wearing your pearl stud earrings:

Medium Pearl Stud Earrings Are A Good Option For Gifts

Freshwater Pearl Stud Medium Size

While stud earrings are available in different sizes, we have found that medium sized freshwater pearl earrings are the most popular (about 8.0-8.5 mm in size). If you are looking to buy someone a present and not sure what size to choose, we would always recommend these first. Of course, larger sizes are a good option for seawater pearls or anyone looking to “make a statement”.

The Earring Settings Must Be Durable

Pearls are the last thing you take off at night and the first thing to put on in the morning. Taking pearls off causes stress on the posts. They must be able to withstand day to day use. This means the post must be firmly attached to the pearl. This is best achieved using strong glue and having a large enough surface on the pearl cup to attach to the pearl.

The Earring Butterflies Should Be Extra Secure

Pearl Stud Earrings Backings Must Be Secure

Most stud earrings are secured using butterflies, which attach to the post. The butterflies must be secure. Without a secure fit, butterflies can become loose over time and fall out, especially when changing clothes.

Sometimes butterflies can change shape as well, expanding or contracting over time and can naturally loosen. Some people will find tight butterflies too tight, so we suggest customers ask for a plastic backing as well. This will give you more choice as to how to secure your earrings. Alternatively, our Snug Butterflies are extra secure and are also an excellent choice.

Do You Have Sensitive Ears?

Many people have sensitive ears, which is why sterling silver is a popular choice and should solve sensitivity issues in most cases (this of course does not replace advice from your GP as metal allergies can be complex).

Round Or Mabe?

Pearl Stud Earrings Round Versus Mabe

There are two common types of freshwater pearl stud earring, round or mabe. People often want to know which is better, however it comes down to personal preference. The mabe pearl is flatter and fits close to the ear. Round pearls look elegant, however the pearls protrude more. 

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Or if you keep losing your pearl earrings. Take a look at our snug butterflies. They are more effective than traditional backings and give you added security for when you are out and about. Click the link below for more information.

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