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Pearls To Love

18ct Gold Snug Butterflies In Silicon Casing 5mm Wide x 4mm Height

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Do you worry about losing your stud earrings just when you are about to go out for an important event? Or maybe they go missing when you are at work or have a busy day.

You are not alone. Women everywhere have the same problem with their stud earrings. Just like you they have come here looking for a solution. Indeed, that's why our Snug Butterflies are so popular.

Most metal butterflies will expand and contract with changes in temperature. This means they can become less secure over time and can explain why so many people lose their stud earrings.

Our 18ct gold butterflies are different because they are encased in a silicon cover. The silicon gives extra grip making it harder for the butterflies to loosen. The butterflies fit on snuggly, making your earrings more secure and less likely to go missing.

The Snug Butterflies work especially well with pearl stud earrings. They go on tight and stay on tight for longer. With increased grip, they can keep your earrings more secure and help protect your investment.

Because these butterflies are so popular we only have limited stock available. 

So don't miss out. Claim your Snug Butterflies by clicking the add to cart button today. 


The butterflies will fit on posts with a diameter of about 0.7 mm. The actual diameter of the butterflies are 5 mm in diameter and 4 mm in height. 

The product is for a single pair of 18ct gold butterflies.

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