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Japanese Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings Ornate Style Base On Sterling Silver With Cubic Zirconia

Regular price $199.99

Are you looking for Japanese pearls that shimmer? Then you will love our Japanese Akoya pearl stud earrings set on an ornate style base on sterling silver with cubic zirconia.

Round in shape, the pearls are smooth with a very good luster. 

The pearls are approximately 5.5-6.0 mm in size, and because they are Akoya, they have the extra shimmer that is not normally found in freshwater pearls.

The sterling silver base is rhodium plated and includes a generous amount of cubic zirconia crystals to add extras sparkle.

Reasonably, priced, they also include a free pair of our extra secure snug butterflies.

The images are just a guide and can be affected by type of monitor, the lighting when taken and other factors. Additionally, pearls are gifts from Mother Nature, with natural variances and their own individual style. They all vary in size, shape, lustre, colour and grade.

Not available in stores.