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Freshwater Pearl Cage Pendant

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Freshwater Pearl Cage Pendant On Sterling Silver

You can't go wrong with this freshwater pearl cage pendant. Set on sterling silver, this elegant pearl cage pendant is a popular gift that is suitable for most ages. It includes a 45cm sterling silver chain and the pearl can be taken out and replaced if desired.

Design Philosophy

The freshwater pearl cage pendant follows our "simple but elegant" philosophy. The cage draws attention to the pendant and then the eyes can focus on the pearl inside. We choose to set the product in Australia. This gives us more choice over the pearl and helps keep the quality high for the chosen price point.


White in colour, this freshwater pearl cage pendant is set with a genuine freshwater pearl with good lustre. The pearl is a semi baroque shape with a diameter of approximately 7 mm in size. It has a good surface with some slight imperfections.

Recommended Usage

This freshwater cage pendant is a versatile piece and can be worn day to day. It can go well by itself or can match easily to most bracelets and earrings of similar colour.