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Pearls To Love

Single Strand Pearl Ring

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Are you looking for a freshwater pearl ring that is unique and fun to wear?

Ideal for the index finger, this single strand pearl ring might be the perfect piece for you. It is handmade in Australia and is available in three different sizes.

Benefits include:

  • Stretchable making it easier to put on and take off
  • Sits well with all pearls touching the finger
  • It's inexpensive, so you don't have to worry if you lose it
  • Low maintenance and you can wear it while you wash your hands with hand soap
  • It's a great talking point and many of our customers get a lot compliments about their ring
  • All pearls so there is no metal to tarnish or wear away
  • Adds some natural glow to your index finger

Get your ring today. Not available in stores.


Size Internal Circumference Stretch Fits
Small Approximately 55 mm 2 to 3 mm Sizes O to Q
Medium Approximately 60 mm 2 to 3 mm Sizes S to U
Large Approximately 65 mm 2 to 3 mm Sizes W to Y