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Pearls To Love

Sterling Silver Clutch Snug Butterflies 6mm

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Do you keep losing your stud earrings? Then these American made sterling silver clutch snug butterflies which are 6 mm diameter might be for you.

They are especially designed for earrings with posts up to .76 mm in diameter. The outside is made from sterling silver and the inside is lined with a rubber insert that provides extra grip on earring posts.

To know if you can use these butterflies, just get your standard Visa or MasterCard credit card. Most credit cards are approximately 0.8mm in width so if your earring post is a similar width to your card or slightly smaller, then you should be able to use the butterflies.

To wear them, just slide the butterflies onto your earring post to hold your earring securely in place.


  • Made In United States
  • Outside Material: Sterling Silver
  • Inside Material: Rubber
  • Product Size: 6 mm diameter x 5 mm height
  • Post Size: Small (Up to .76 mm)
  • Qty: One pair per pack

(Butterflies only - earrings are for display purposes.)

These butterflies are available for a limited time only.